A Cello Symphony

- Romantic sound for Romantic Events -

Now with the COVID-19 situation and venues that have to be done in smaller scales, Telalit is offering her playing, for events that are all about celebrating love. Whether it's a marriage proposal, a wedding ceremony, or even just the first dance - to make it extra special - Telalit will be there with her Cello and beautifully tailored backup tracks, and a beautiful dress of course - 

to make your romantic day memorable with the lush sound of the Cello.

Telalit, the talent behind "A Cello Symphony", is an Israeli Nashville-based Cellist, composer, songwriter, and producer.
Coming from an acclaimed classical background, then crossing over to Indie-Pop while experiencing Tango, Jazz, Folk, and other musical styles as well along the way, has resulted in a rich and diverse style that allows Telalit to create fluently in many musical worlds.
As a cellist, Telalit records regularly for renowned productions in the film music and video game fields, which includes playing for "Call of Duty", "Star Wars", and many many others in the studios in Music Row, Nashville.
In the rest of the time, Telalit tours with either her own songs or her show of romantic songs with the cello, and also travels with other bands occasionally. 

Romantic Cello for Romantic Moments

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