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I love to color songs with strings. Enrich the texture, highlight the melody with the lush and warm quality that only strings can give to a song. The soul of the cello.

As a cellist, bringing out the emotional message of a song or track with the strings, from writing the unique arrangement, to recording the layers one by one with all my love - is the most authentic thing.

Waiting to hear your music, and join your journey. From my string studio in Nashville, TN. 

Arrangements & Recordings

My songs tell the story of my life, chapter after chapter, one experience after another. 

Searching for answers, while walking in the unknown...crossing the desert, time after time, and while I'm there alone or with someone else, I always carry the hope with me. Knowing that I don't always know the way, or the reason,

but I always have the faith that light is waiting on the other side of the tunnel. 


Random Day, my first album as a cellist-singer-songwriter, was produced over the course of several years in which I traveled a lot and experienced all sorts of relationships. 

Intimate yet rich in the orchestration - the lyrics are story-like taken from daydreams, while the music is lush, multi-layered, and symphonic. 

My Songs & Story

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