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Inspired by the pandemic and social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, World On Silent Mode offers a positive perspective to take from the situation. The song celebrates the wonder of a world healing itself during this time, by showing the silent mode as an opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.




Israeli Nashville based Cellist-Singer-Songwriter, composer and producer, TELALIT, creates a unique and personal world of sounds that explores in the Avant-Pop with contemplative story-driven lyrics, ethereal vocals, and detailed production of lush strings, electronics, and ambient guitars. 

Dream-like and epic at once, TELALIT's sound and performance have a grand symphonic quality that derives from her rich classical background, yet with her intimate and soft vocal presentation, there's a direct honesty and a personal vibe that cuts through and moves the heart.

“During the creation of this album my main driving force was a search -

For answers how, for reasons why,

and for the light, that had always appeared at the end of every tunnel.

The anticipation, like a guardian angel, had pulled me out of darkness and uncertainty,

and whilst every relationship was unique had had its particular magic

in the end they were all connected in the same long novel, my own.

Striving has always been a natural part of my being,

and yet, it was whilst longing for simplicity that I realized

anything can happen on a random day.”


a search for light at the end of every tunnel

The songs in the album Random Day (ClassiConcept, 2020) all have one central connecting line, reflecting the vital need of singer-songwriter TELALIT to stay hopeful: she wishes to always believe in a good outcome, even while in a struggle, facing a challenge. This album has a few songs that reflect this theme strongly. 'Dissipating Dream' tells about a wish for a dream never to end; 'Friday Afternoon' reveals a sweet memory that survived a long and complex relationship. The song which carries the album title - Random Day - represents the longing for simplicity, which allows for anything to happen.

The strongest message carried in this album is anticipation for the light at the end of every tunnel. For Telalit, this anticipation is her guardian angel, protecting her even in the darkest of times.


Telalit recorded the album on the road, on a long journey of inner search. Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw, Nashville, and even the open sea, are the landscapes in which both the studio tracking and outdoors tracking were captured, taking in streets, laughter, water, and breath.

The approach to this production is symphonic and detailed, inspired by Classical music forms and orchestration, part of Telalit's heritage from her lengthy background as a classical cellist.

inspired by Telalit's lengthy background as an acclaimed classical soloist. Random Day presents a broad dynamic range, most noticeable in the ending track ('Goodbye'), which grows from a single cello line to a rich orchestration of 100 celli, sealing the album with an epic tone.

“Will make a mark in the music world” (Ralph Kirshbaum, world-known cellist and festival director)

“This song can melt snow. I’m mesmerized by her!” (Boaz Cohen, radio critic at 88FM)

“A brilliant young cellist that's worth following” (BBC 3 Radio)


a personal and inspiring Art-Card in every CD package (packed individually)

*Selected samples below. The series contains 13 cards

A teaser to Dissipating Dream, a first single from the album Random Day.




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