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manchester cello fest.jpg
"Will make a mark in the music world" 
    Manchester Cello Festival                     
Random Day Artwork.jpg

"Her voice can melt snow" - Boaz Cohen [Kan Radio 88FM]

A combination of darkness and light comes to a colorful expression in Random Day. Ethereal vocals and a symphonic instrumental production that's rich with Cello layers are the main characteristics of the album. Worth mentioning are the two guest vocalists, Cassie Bonner [MS] andTom Bedlam [UK].


The Cyclic Night album.PNG

"A passionate nightly tribute to Astor Piazzolla"

1721 Project [created by sisters Telait Charsky, Cello & Nuphar Fey, Piano] presents the last theatrical suite that Piazzolla composed in his life. Lastly performed in NYC in the 80's, this album brings it back to life with Victor H. Villena, and JR Da Conceicao.


Beethoven Artwork.jpg

"Voted one of five best Cello albums of the year" - VCF [in NY]


It's not every day that all Beethoven's sonatas for cello and piano, are performed in a single concert! Israeli duo Telalit Charsky [cello] and Ron Regev [piano] has conquered this impressive summit while showing great virtuosity, enthusiasm and a fresh approach to this great music.

art cards.jpg

Inspirational Art-Cards [series of 12]


Phrases about love, friendship, faith, and the courage to embark on a new path in life - this series of Art-Cards features inspiring messages that are taken from the song lyrics of Random Day album. 


Artboard 1.jpg

Lyric Bookmark

"World On Silent Mode" 


A double-sided color bookmark with the full lyrics of this Covid-19 inspired song that's written by TELAIT & MNERVA. Printed on recycled paper.

All profits are donated to animal rights organizations and No-Kill shelters.

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