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Since turning down a position at the Israel Philharmonic at 23 to travel the world and become a songwriter, TELALIT, has been doing things in her own unique way that often urges her to experience, search, chase dreams and express her personal emotions and life views. Her songs are story-driven and tell a lot of her experiences and relationships. Her praised, previously released single, Dissipating Dream which also opens Random Day was inspired and written after a personal meeting with Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice. The song had reached all the major radio stations in Israel, and won the title 'Song of the Week' on 88FM Kan radio station.


TELALIT holds a Master's from the Royal Northern College of Music which she had graduated with honors at the young age of 21. She had performed her songs in major Classical music venues, also accompanied by the Israel Chamber Orchestra for example, at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts, among others. She was broadcast on BBC 3, IBA, and Medici.TV.

TELALIT received her Cello from the late Bernard Greenhouse with whom she studied privately until he passed away in 2011. She often tells the story of her Cello and the relationship with Greenhouse in her shows. TELALIT had traveled all over the world, and in her music she paints worlds from views that she had seen and different types of relationships she had experienced.


The artwork of the album, along with an inspirational Art-Card series, was created by TELALIT, using her photographs of the spots in different cities from the time each song was written.

As part of the CD package, there is also one Art-Card from the series, placed randomly, so the message is personal from TELALIT to anyone who receives the physical copy of Random Day.



P R E S S   Q U O T E S 

“Will make a mark in the music world”

(Ralph Kirshbaum, world-known cellist and festival director)


“This song can melt snow. I’m mesmerized by her!”

(Boaz Cohen, radio critic at 88FM)



“Her playing and charisma are so powerful. She leads, even directs, the two solo partners.”

(Yossi Schiffman, The Jerusalem Post)


“A brilliant young cellist that's worth following”

(BBC 3 Radio)

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R A N D O M   D A Y



The songs in Random Day (ClassiConcept - 2020) all have a connecting line that reflects the vital need of prominent singer-songwriter TELALIT to always stay hopeful and believe in good outcomes, while still in a struggle, facing a challenge. Whether it is in a wish for a dream to never end (Dissipating Dream), a sweet memory that survived a long and complex relationship (Friday Afternoon), or the longing for simplicity which allows for anything to happen (Random Day) - the anticipation for the light that awaits at the end of every tunnel, is for TELALIT a guardian angel that protects while still being in the dark (Guardian Angel, Anticipation).


Created and recorded on the road, while on a long journey of inner search that includes Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw, Nashville, and even out at sea on a ship, the album captures both studio tracking and outdoors tracking of the streets, laughter, water, and breath.

Coming from an acclaimed Classical background as a cello soloist, TELALIT's approach to the production of the album is symphonic and very detailed, which gives Random Day a wide dynamic range, that is most noticeable in the ending track “Goodbye”, which grows from a single cello line to a rich orchestration of 100 celli, giving an epic final tone to the album.


With rich sources of inspiration from Bach to Bjork, Lana Del Rey, Kimbra and Aurora, Random Day indicates a deep musical heritage and diversity that takes it from colors of Indie-Pop far outside the lines of any defined genre. Composing it while experiencing an inner search and wonder in different life areas, the listening experience of the album also calls for contemplation and invites one to wander inside and out.

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P E R S O N A L   N O T E


“During the creation of this album my main driving force was a search -

For answers how, for reasons why,

and for the light, that had always appeared at the end of every tunnel.

The anticipation, like a guardian angel, had pulled me out of darkness and uncertainty,

and whilst every relationship was unique had had its particular magic

in the end they were all connected in the same long novel, my own.

Striving has always been a natural part of my being,

and yet, it was whilst longing for simplicity that I realized

anything can happen on a random day.”

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