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I offer a variaty of shows that feature Cello & Vocals at the front. 

Whether for an event or a venue, festival, or series, you will find here anything from a solo show to duos, bands, and also a classical-contemporary feature with orchestra. 

Cello Romance

A solo-cello set that features iconic songs such as "hallelujah" and "Can't Help Falling In Love" alongside recent pop and country hits like "Perfect" and "From The Ground Up". This is a romantic and classy set that will complement nicely any special occasion, luxurious venues, and solo-artist feature shows: 

Country-Jazz Duo in Music City

Telalit & Adam will play anything you wish - from Gershwin classics like "Summertime" to movie favorits like "Falling Slowly" and country hits as "In Case You Didn't Know". Either instrumental, or with vocals as well, the flowingly smooth sound of an acoustic guitar and cello will please the ears every single time:

Songs of Israel

This is a 3-piece band that plays All-Israeli and Jewish music. Starting with the beautiful old prayers and the warm strings of the cello, and continuing with some of Israel's greatest songwriters like Evyatar Banai and Idan Raichel. This is an interactive show that invites the crowd to sing along Israeli-Etheipian musical hooks and dance along as well:

Twin Legends

Telalit with the Israel Chamber Orchestra performing the Israeli premiere of Roberto Molinelli's dazzling solo cello piece "Twin Legends":

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